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Asyla, Compass Box, 40% abv.


Asyla, Compass Box, 40% abv.

On the back label, Asyla is the plural of asylum, which CB hopes describes this Highland malt and grain blend aged in first fill American oak casks, but I don't know for how long. The blend is 5% Glen Elgin, 23% Teaninich, 22% Linkwood, and 50% Cameronbridge. The first blend from John Glaser was Hedonism, Asyla was second, but is currently discontinued.

Nose: light grape juice, smells like young whisky.

Palate: initial palate is light, typical scotch,
back palate is light wood. Cool mouthfeel. Reminds me of a weaker but more balanced version of Johnnie Walker Red Label.

Finish: short, very light, almost nothing.

This is an extremely light blended scotch, seems a little young, but not harsh like other young scotches. Amazingly smooth and soft though. Not sure where that 50% graim went. I'd say its balanced, but none of the elements are pronounced so it's hard to tell... which I guess is one version of "balanced". Had this at Seven Grand, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Grade: C

Whiskyanalysis.com, 8.21 ± 0.44 on 14 reviews
Malt maniacs, 77 from 14 reviews on 2006 version
Thewhiskeywash, Joshua St. John, 89/100
Thewhiskeyjug, Josh Peters, 81/100
Whisky advocate, Jonny McCormick, 89 points
Lawhiskeysociety, C+ from 3 reviews


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