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Bruichladdich 16yo, Cuvee C, Margaux, 8,730/12,000, 46% abv.


Bruichladdich 16yo, Cuvee C, Margaux, 8,730/12,000, 46% abv.

In 2008, Laddie released their "The Bordeaux First Growth Series" which is based on a common theme of having laddie 16 year old bourbon barrel juice finish in barrels that previously held wine from the Great Châteaus for about 12 to 20 months depending on who you ask. The Great Châteaus are also known as First Growth, which is the highest rank of French wines in a system initiated by Emperor Napoléon. However, it is not clear how long the barrels held the wine. Moreover, some people say its unpeated distillate while a few others say its peated to 3 ppm, which is virtually unpeated. Cuvee C has laddie juice finished in Château Margaux barrels.

Nose: light purple grapes, more apple and honey, light berries.

Palate: smooth, old steamed lotus leaves, hints of young tofu, apple juice, generally a light sweetness.

Finish: short, light residual sweet apple juice.

Was a little light relative to Cuvee A (Lafite-Rothschild) and B (Latour), which I expected since I've always felt Margaux was the lightest of the Great Châteaus. Hmm... is that Margaux wine barrel influence then? Had this at Bar d.still in Seoul, South Korea.

Grade: C

Whiskyfun.com, Serge Valentin, sgp:471, 82 points
Malt maniacs, 80 points on 3 reviews


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