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Craigellachie 19, No: 78-SC33, 46% abv.


Craigellachie 19, No: 78-SC33, 46% abv.

This is travel retail exclusive and I've only seen it offered in the 1L variety.

Nose: hints of vanilla, the sharpness in dried orange peels (陳皮) mostly, hints of coconut, hints of pineapple, a little star anise, everything is very light.

Palate: light coconut, light cake and pastries, light ginger in the back.

Finish: moderate to long, coconut cake, light ginger, spice and abv lingers.

A dram that seems weaker than the 13 year version. Mostly light on the nose and palate, where I smelled and tasted mostly coconut, ginger, and pastry-like flavors, all very light in intensity and impact. Even so, it is a little interesting for a 46% abv dram. Seems like Craigellachie really shines after 20-25 years? Had this at Bar Butler, Hong Kong. Heard they specialized in Japanese whisky... but not really. The bar showcases some common bottles, and hides some potentially good stuff behind the rows on the wall... it's a nice bar though.

Grade: C

Whisky advocate, Dave Broom, 89 points
Words of whisky, Thijs Klaverstijn, 85


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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