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Douglas Laing 70th Anniversary Old Particular Cambus 35 Year Old 51.5% ABV & Caol Ila 35 Year Old 51.5% ABV



Douglas Laing Old Particular Cambus 35 Year Old, 51.5% ABV

Nose: Thick oak spices, sweet presence of sugared and buttered popcorn. Wood glue. Some very creamy vanilla custard. Avocado. Exceedingly deep, pungent and mesmerising nose. Going to let it settle a bit. With time some of the wood glue notes subside a little and there is a more avocado thick nose. There is hint of a cake mix presence now alongside the butter/cream, corn and custard notes. There is now more polished oak furniture.

Palate: Holy moly wow!!! That is huge. A big big, massive deep flavoursome complexity. Lots of oak, but then buckets of cream, buttered toast. Creamed corn. Avocado again. Some strawberry jam. Hints of oranges. Despite of high ABV, there is no burn of alcohol whatsoever. Very very sweet, chewy and delicious.

Finishing: Very long length full finish. Lots of sweet vanilla and creamy custard. Avocado continue to dominates. Some berry jam, or maybe a touch of marmalade. It’s still sweet and flavoursome in the finish, not a lot of drying out, just deftly smooth and heavenly. The finish leaves a resoundingly warm sensation deep in the chest and provides a massive feel good factor. The sweetness of avocado taste remains on the tongue for an absolute age.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Caol Ila 35 Year Old, 51.5% ABV

Nose: A whirling dervish of sweet and delightful peaty notes. Accentuating the sweet peat I do have a soft, maritime notes – a salty sea breeze, and a surf-tormented shore on a an island I sorely miss. In a word, the nose is harmonious. This is, to me, the essence of how a perfect Caol Ila should smell.

Palate: Soft and delicate. The sweetness which is hard for me to define and the peat from the nose carry through to the taste. I also detect bacon, white pepper and malty notes. The peat is more tangible now, not just a wild dance, it almost takes on a chewy character.

Finishing: Very long. Finally starting to pick out certain elements of the sweetness; mild citrus, fresh ginger, simple syrup and a hint of sweet prosecco.


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