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Eagle Rare 10 Years Old Single Barrel Select For Shiok Spirits


Eagle Rare has been one of my Bourbon first loves, and till this day I have a real sweet spot for it. Honey, caramels, marshmallows, vanilla cream, cinnabons, darker notes of leather and cacao - what's not to love? It's just stupidly enjoyable and just hits that sentimental spot of a simpler time.

And so you can imagine just how excited I was - and frankly proud, when a good buddy of mine had told me he'd just bottled his second spirit - a single barrel select Eagle Rare 10 Year Old. Boy, was I ecstatic!

I was given no warning by the way. He'd just told me "come over, I've got something for you", I got to the bar, sat myself down and immediately got to chatting, the utter fool I was with complete lack of awareness - and then Bam! He'd put out that iconic, tall, stylish bottle of Eagle Rare 10 on the counter top, and with a glimmer in his eye asked "notice anything". And there it was, that sweet silver foil sticker right next to the glass etched eagle "Single Barrel Select - Shiok Spirits" encircling an icon of the Merlion, a mythical creature used to symbolise the little country state of Singapore.

Apeshit. Externally I was expectedly full of the usual commendations - "Wow! Congrats! Man, that's so cool!". Internally - apeshit. I hadn't thought about it up till that point, but what an awesome thunderclap of two favorites of mine - a great buddy and a bottle I really love.


A bottle I'll definitely treasure that currently sits on my top shelf.


For those outside Singapore, the term "shiok" is a slang that loosely means "satisfying". You'd say it in the context of having a great meal, "shiok!". Or in adjunction with other satisfying things - I'll leave that to you. But feel free to use it.

In any case, as it turns out, my friend had together with several partners gotten themselves an allocation of Eagle Rare 10 and bottled it - in several sizes, I might add.

And sure, this isn't some incredibly rare spirit - but it meant more than that - it also came off the back of my buddy who was serving his last few months before he would leave the bar that I had first met him at; the bar that we'd shared laughs and fun conversations, and of course wonderful drinks. It was a chapter that was about to close, but of course, for a new one to open. But certainly something about it added to the gravity of the bottle, and made it all the more sentimental.

I think one of the reasons the spirits scene has always been of such fun for me is this spirit of sharing - now, now, I'm not so up my ass to think this is unique to spirits, but I still do really appreciate it. This community that's built around sharing great things and celebrating great bottles, and just having an awesome time.

To my great friend, whose given me boundless fun times at the bar and really made it such a fun experience for me the past two years, a big cheers to you, and all your future endeavours! 

Eagle Rare 10 Years Old Single Barrel Select For Shiok Spirits - Review

Tasting Notes

Color: Dark Amber

Aroma: It's mellowed but with a delightful freshness of deep, rich honey, light cloves and vanilla cream - mellow and sweet, sort of reminds me of a caramel decked vanilla ice cream sundae with a generous topping of whipped cream.

Taste: Very flavorful front and center - more honey and fresh cream, it’s punchy and vibrant. There’s a gentle note of oak here with a hit of caramel sauce and candy corn. Really smooth and creamy. 

Finish: Here it gets more astringent - black tea tannins, woodier touches, with a more bitter and medicinal note here


My Thoughts

My Rating: 🙆‍♂️

It’s aromas are mellow and generally confectionary, but it’s on the palate where the show really begins - a stupid burst of flavour, it’s alittle boggling with that vibrance. It’s more punchy on the palate sure, but on the backdrop of the mellowed aromas, that’s not a high bar. 

What it really is though is that the flavours really pop on the palate but sans the heat and the sharpness. Mentally disaggregate it for a second - all the flavour but without the alcoholic smack - that to me is what makes this stand out, that sort of expressiveness. It’s also really smooth and creamy, and frankly an outstanding approachable bourbon. 






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