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Glenburgie 1998, 25 Year Old, Joint Selection by Friends With Drams X Miles Whisky Bar x The 1980s Bar, 54.7% ABV


What do we have here? An airline ticket of sorts?

No, it's whisky!

This GBG (I'm assuming that refers to the Glenburgie contained), is a joint bottling by Indonesia's Miles Whisky Bar, Singapore's Friends With Drams and Malaysia's The 1980's Bar  - so quite the collab!

The Glenburgie itself is bottled at cask strength and is a pretty well-aged GBG, at 25 years old - pretty soon all our whiskies are going to be in the 2000's-vintages of distillation - that's what I'm thinking about when I see these 1990's vintages.

Glenburgie, whilst not being traditionally well-represented - it was typically included in the Ballantine's blend rather than being sold on its own - hasn't quite stopped it from gaining popularity as of late for being quite aromatic, sweeter and having a rather hefty body.

So let's give this a go!

Glenburgie 1998, 25 Year Old, Joint Selection by Friends With Drams X Miles Whisky Bar x The 1980s Bar, 54.7% ABV - Review


Tasting Notes

Color: Sunflower Oil

Aroma: Honey and cream sweetness - bright and punchy. There’s an oiliness about it as well, with a light bit of leather.

With more time, it mellows out to give a fullness of florals buoyed by vanilla cream and a touch of dried quince.

Taste: Quite punchy, with more on those vanilla cream - it’s creamy in texture too. This is added to with more savouriness of peppered bresaola, as well as bitterness of unripe quince or green fruits.

Finish: A persisting oily texture that’s mouth coating, with more oaky bitterness together with a lighter honeyed sweetness.


My Thoughts

This is certainly not your usual Glenburgie - it has all the body and heft that is why Glenburgie is such a favoured blend component, but this showcases way more in complexity and boldness. The flavours are distinct and cover a spectrum and yet remain cohesive - they’re each expressed with a lot of power and you can comfortably find each shade whilst the gaps between them are easily filled.

It takes some time to open up, but after which it mellows out and that’s where the flavours become that much more expressive.

Available by the dram at Miles Whisky Bar (Indonesia), The 1980's Bar (Malaysia), Swan Song (Singapore); or by the bottle at Friends With Drams.