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Glendronach, 15 Years Old, revival


Glendronach 15 revival - Nose: sweet honey, diminished with time (weird huh?). Palate: sherry with heat. Spiciness takes over the initial honey sweetness (which lasted like 2 seconds), turns slightly bitter afterwards. Finish: moderately long, spicy, bitter, not sure why, but the 46%abv seems to have an effect. Getting bored. Poured it into a glass with an ice ball... the coldness and water just removed the sweetness and left the alcoholic bitterness. Didn't feel the staged flavors some people described.
To be honest, its not the sherry bomb everyone said it would be. It's boring, but ok. Standard spicey honey with a prolonged kick. 1.1 dimensional (or am i drunk?!) Is something wrong with this bottle? Bartenders suggested Oban 14 or Macallan edition 2 after the glendronach 15. Now I know I'm not drunk. Haha. Pavox in 해운대.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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