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GlenDronach Flight - 12 Year Old, 18 Year Old, 21 Year Old, Traditional Peated

Straits Clan's tasting sessions are back with GlenDronach’s brand ambassador Stuart Fearba! Whoever said home tastings can’t be done right!

As a testament to the lack of whiskies since forever, the 12 year old was extremely refreshing to nose, with lots of red apples and some savoury nuts from the Oloroso influence.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

Loved all the whiskies, even though the oak and musty-ness from the 18 and 21 were a bit strong, but on the palette they were all very well balanced between the wood, sherry, and fruitiness!

Last but not least, the Traditional Peated was the highlight for me, where the initial palette was sweet, but with tannins, followed by the smokiness in the middle, and a very long lingering finish influenced by the port casks!


Your occasional rum addict!