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Glenmorangie 18, Extremely Rare, 43% abv.


Glenmorangie 18, Extremely Rare, 43% abv.

The 18 "Extremely Rare" is part of the Prestige Range, which consists of the 18, 25, Signet, Pride 1981, and Pride 1978. Not sure why this 18 is extremely rare. Interestingly, the base of this 18 is matured for 15 years in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks, but about 30% of those casks go on to be finished in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks with the remaining 70% left in place. Once it hits 18 years, the 70% American white oak is vatted with the 30% Oloroso finished product to form 18 Extremely Rare.

Nose: red apples, bitter grapefruit, raisins, quickly becomes vegetative and viney, jello-o.

Palate: bitter grapefruit, citrus rinds, slight wood, relatively smooth like water.

Finish: short to moderate, could feel a slight abv burn, bitter aftertaste.

This dram felt like eating an old bitter grapefruit, the kind with yellow flesh. A little disappointing. Pretty one-dimensional, very light actually, not intense, would be an everyday kind of dram, but the not so tasty kind. Some bartenders have mentioned that these older Glenmorangies don't taste too well when newly opened and need time to open up (i.e. 1989), so perhaps I might need to revisit. The cork broke when the owner opened the bottle, said he bought it in 2005.

Grade: C-, 8.71 ± 0.29 on 17 reviews, Serge, sgp:451, 82 points
Thewhiskeywash, Joshua St. John, 93/100
Whisky advocate, John Hansell, 89 points
Whiskynotes, Ruben Luyten, 86/100
Ralfy, 84/100
Lawhiskeysociety, average, B on 6 reviews.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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