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Jack Daniel’s American Single Malt Whiskey Oloroso Sherry Cask, 45% ABV


The announcement of this Jack Daniel's was met with a whole lot of excitement - you'll notice that it's labelled as an American Single Malt. That's not a whole lot common in America's staple Bourbon scene, not especially with the big Bourbon brands. So when a household name like Jack Daniel's announced an American Single Malt - you can bet folks were pretty damn roused. What would a Tennessee malt whisky taste like?

Well, there actually were alittle bit of teasers here and there - but this was still very much the first permanent expression that's 100% malted barley. And if that wasn't enough, this was finished in Oloroso Sherry casks! Taking a leaf from the Scotch whisky playbook, American bourbon biggies are coming for ya - Sherry has always had the ability to get the heart pounding for whisky fans.


Jack Daniel's in Tennessee, US.


Now with all that said, let's just add a little footnote that things didn't quite seem to pan out as one would hope - folks didn't think too well of this expression. Could it be the insatiably high expectations? Or was it really a case of Jack Daniel's missing the mark? We'll find out shortly.

So for some technicalities before we get down and dirty, this is 100% malted barley (so not a Bourbon just to be clear) hailing purely from Jack Daniel's. It's aged for four years in charred American White Oak, before two more years of aging in Oloroso Sherry casks from Antonio Paez Lobato Cooperage, making it a grand total of 6 years of aging - so a rather serious contender. It's charcoal mellowed as per Jack Daniel's signature, and then bottled at 45% ABV (or 90 Proof). It's also a travel exclusive that peculiarly came in a 1-litre format bottle.

Let's get to it! Onward. 

Jack Daniel’s American Single Malt Whiskey Oloroso Sherry Cask, 45% ABV - Review


Tasting Notes

Color: Burnt Amber

Aroma: Really nice integration of Sherry sweetness with the classic Jack Daniel’s peanut scent. On the top note there’s the peanuts and a slight herbaceous parsley scent, and then backing it up is always this sweeter, thicker base of caramel and Sherry wine. It’s really rounded and fragrant with little wisps of berry jam, peanut butter, light bit of musty wood.

Taste: Still with the combo of sweet Sherry and the classic Jack Daniel’s peanuts and herbaceous parsley. Here it’s alittle more dry and more of the woody tannins come through. It’s medium-bodied, rather bright and smooth. There’s some caramel here and there and some berry jams once again. Good combination but was alittle mild and too gentle.

Finish: Alittle bit of that rancio and more on tobacco leaves, leather, light bit of yeastiness of soft cheese. Recedes into wine notes of light berry juice.


My Thoughts

I absolutely loved the aromas - it was like a match made in heaven for me where the standard Jack Daniel’s got a massive upgrade with these richer, sweeter notes filling in the blacks to give a fully-loaded palette of aromas from bright to denser and more rich. The Sherry perfectly complemented the signature Jack Daniel’s profile here.

I think where lots of folks got alittle bit disappointed was the palate. The palate is almost a continuation of its aromas, which would’ve gotten you thinking that this was going to be incredibly, but somehow while the Sherry and Jack Daniel’s notes were both distinct and well integrated, it lacked depth and oomph. It was alot more mellow and light than one would expect. Texturally perhaps it could have had abit more body, but it was still fine as is for me - certainly it wasn’t thin by any means. But the flavours were rather light and didn’t really pack it in - now don’t get me wrong, having tasted it myself, I can most definitely say it was still enjoyable, it just didn’t meet folks’ out of this world expectations to see Jack Daniel’s and Sherry combined.

And to that end, the same could be said about the finish - nothing wrong with it, it was enjoyable, but just alittle light and lacking that depth and oomph.

Killer nose, nice flavours all around really showing Jack Daniel’s and Oloroso Sherry is a winning combination, but the flavours have got to be dialled up heavier and more intense, with depth comparable to the Mariana Trench.


My Rating: 7/10


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