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Kawasaki 1982, 29 Year Old, Sherry Butt #7414, bottled for Whisky Live Tokyo 2011, 65.5% ABV



I was very lucky to be poured a sample of this single grain from a ghost distillery located in Chichibu. Highly sherried and with an incredible 65.5% ABV, this proved mind-blowing as to the potential of good grain distillate matured for long in an excellent sherry cask.

**Nose:**Fresh blackberries, raspberries, prunes, cinnamon, date pudding, cigars, leather, fermented bean paste, but also layered atop with blackberry hard candy, elderflower syrup, candied lemons and apple compote. The bright, syrupy notes lend this nose incredible dexterity and vibrance compared to a typical old sherry bomb.

Palate: Pleasant winey tannins, INSANE alcohol integration at over 65.5%. Drinks like 52%, max. Raspberry cordial, maraschino cherry juice, a bit of starchiness, like from peas, then sweet potato leaves lending this a vegetal edge.

Finish: The sherry funk goes up to overdrive, with a dry-sweet meatiness that is almost metallic and reminds me of cranberry Capri-Sun, salami, jamon iberico. Coffee liqueur, rum and cocoa powder reminds me of tiramisu except without the mascarpone. Fades quite quickly and with markedly lower intensity than the heights of the nose and palate.

This is far and away the best grain I have ever tried. Bubblegummy sharpness has mellowed through integration of cask and spirit over many years into more of esters and tannins in perfect interplay. No off notes to speak of though I wished for the finish to match what came prior. A solid 91.