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Laphroaig 25, 2007, 40% abv.


Laphroaig 25, 2007, 40% abv.

I believe this is the first OB 25 yo from Laphroaig in the 21st century (or ever?) and was marketed as a replacement for the popular 30 yo. I heard the change for the future 25's from 40% abv to CS thereafter was because of this bottle; that the fans didn't like the mellowness. Supposedly this was an equal vat of first fill bourbon and second fill oloroso sherry casks with a bottle count of 2,500. Even so it is difficult to find.

Nose: light, Maraschino cherries, fruity, perfume-like almost, old steamed lotus leaves appear to dominate though.

Palate: initial palate is moslty old steamed lotus leaves, mid to back palate is a wood smoke, back palate has a metallic feel with wet brown paper bags.

Finish: short, slightly metalic, old steamed lotus leaves at the end though.

Mostly old steamed lotus leaves/expired sherry in all aspects, not my style. Seems like tasters have a variety of opinions on this one. Had this at Bar Leichardt, Fukuoka, Japan.

Grade: C-

Whiskyfun.com, Serge Valentin, 84 points
Malt maniacs, 83 points from 7 reviews


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