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Laphroaig 30, 2016, 53.5% abv.

Laphroaig 30, 2016, 53.5% abv.

Double matured in ex-bourbon casks and bottled in 2016 as part of the newly designed older original bottlings.

Nose: that southeastern Islay Laphroaigian nose, dying coals, peat, bbq smoke, soot, coastal, overcooked pork belly. Interestingly, after a few sips I smell more fruity notes.

Palate: mellow, wood, sour, dried oysters? A hint of something citrusy with time. At the end there is a sharp flavor thats something like peat, sour wood, and green olives.

Finish: moderate, wood, peat, bitterness.

Dry glass: fruit and wax.

Although it's a Laphroaig, it lacks the intensity of the standard 10 year and its younger brethren. Shocked that a southeastern Islay could feel so mellow. Couldn't tell much of a difference between the 30 and some of the 25s I've tried, the nose is there, the taste is mellow, and the finish isn't intense. However there is a sour, woody, bitter, coastal flavor that hits the back palate, between the taste and finish, which I assume was peat residue after 30 years. Underwhelming. I initially thought I had a bad bottle, but I noticed many tasters didn't really like this version as well and I've noticed it sitting quite full at some bars compared to other older Laphroaigs. Had this at Wonga Bar (원가바), Seoul, South Korea.

Grade: C

Thewhiskeyjug, Josh Peters, 90/100


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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