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Longrow 14, Peated, Sherry Cask Matured, 57.8% abv.


Longrow 14, Peated, Sherry Cask Matured, 57.8% abv.

Nose: light to medium peat, light smoke, candied apples, burnt bacon, some fruity sweetness in the background.

Palate: dry, texturally simiale to smooth simple syrup, initial palate is honey and red fruits, mid palate starts off with young tofu, transitions to a smoked version of light wet old steamed lotus leaves/expired sherry/tannic, but maintains that young tofu flavor profile and only crosses the tannic line at the beginning of the mid palate, back palate is more wet old steamed lotus leaves/expired sherry/tannins.

Finish: medium to long, a little dry, mouth coating, keeps oozing out that expired sherry flavor with some fruit juice as a solvent. I can see, or taste, the "interest". .

This Longrow is a little weird (actually I think all Longrow are weird), the nose is lightly peated and the palate is expired sherry, a little tannic. Seems like Port Ellen gone wrong. Other than that its nothing too special, congratulations to the Longrow marketing team (or is it the Glengyle team?). On another note, it's playing a remake of Africa right now. Suddenly I am missing home, LA. As an HK-ancestral expat in Korea, it's not easy... and this song just made me remember how far I've come along and boy was it ugly. I also feel sympathy for this generation, extremity is the new norm, but the music has definitely not followed that trend. There are many talented artists nowadays and its hard to stay up-to-date. My generation had Michael Jackson, Chicago, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion pre-fame, Prince, Sting, Dragonforce, Africa, Take on me, Sandman, Stand by me, True Colors, etc. I digressed. Reminiscing is horrible. Interestingly, this bottle was quite popular when it came out, but almost all non-affiliated reviews did not like it.

Grade: C

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Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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