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Longrow Red Peated 11, Cabernet Franc Matured, 55.9% abv.


Longrow Red Peated 11, Cabernet Franc Matured, 55.9% abv.

Longrow is the heavily peated version of distillate at the Springbank distillery and the "Red" indicates finishing/maturation in red wine casks. This version was aged 9 years in ex-bourbon barrels and then finished for about 2 years in fresh Cabernet Franc barriques from the De Toren Private Cellar in South Africa.

Nose: initially some wood and red fruits, specifically cranberries, which transforms to purple grapes, red wine, port almost. Doesn't smell like 55.9% abv, isn't as aggressive as others in the relatively high abv category. Mellows out very quickly and reveals light peat and more fruit, the white glaze on doughnuts.

Palate: stale biscuits, mid palate is wood and back palate is vegetative, somewhat "viney", mossy, but not grassy, slight toast that transitions to an oaky old steamed lotus leaves flavor, and then returns to a honeyed french toast flavor. How do these Scotches stage their flavors?

Finish: medium, woody, oaky, sour, light peat non-aromatic elements. Toast comes after a while.

Never would have thought it was matured in a wine cask and the peaty elements are hidden behind that high abv, or aren't strong enough to overcome the high abv. Although I don't feel it has that typical Campbeltown profile, it does have the same effect to me. I sincerely appreciate the very flavorful elements that show through, not too intense, and generally more than enough to keep your attention. Its well done, but not my type. Had this at Bar d.still in Seoul, South Korea.

Grade: C

Meademule, J.R. Bergey, 8/10
Malt-review, Adam Wells, 8/10


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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