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Macallan Edition 3, 250,000 bottles


Macallan Edition 3, 250,000 bottles.

Macallan master whisky maker, Bob Dalga, teamed with Master perfumer, Roja Dove, to create a whisky with the focus on smell. Its a blend of six types of European and American oak casks.

Nose: alot going on, complex... subtle feels on green apples, sunflowers, maple honey, the distance between my nostrils and the juice made a big difference, everything dies out pretty fast though.... seriously too sensitive.

Palate: vine, sharp wood, some butterscotch... not a typical macallan flavor profile.

Finish: moderate, wood elements, heat develops later but dissipates quickly.

Dry glass nose: dried apples, oak, syrup, raisins, slight peach/nectarine, great strength.
Wow, soooo different from edition 2, clearly not focused on taste or finish, and it doesn't feel like a Macallan. For around $100 it's not bad... but its hard not to compare to edition 2, which has, and is, enjoying some delayed success. I think there are two big takeaways, or lessons learned, from this experiment. One is the potential for amazing aromatic experiences, typically found in older, specialized bottlings, can be attained at a more affordable scale. Second, is that a majority of whisky drinkers appreciate the tasting experience as opposed to the nosing experience. This is my conclusion after reading up on reviews from others that have tried all three editions, with an overwhelming population favoring edition 2 over edition 3, with the reason being it tastes better. Unfortunately edition 1 isn't even in the picture... or at least in my picture.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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