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Mars Komagatake, 2013-2016, ePower, Cask No. 1704, 594 Bottles, 56.9% abv.



An IB Komagatake? Is ePower considered an IB? 594 bottles for a single cask seems massive.

Nose: complex, light bodied, very grassy and vegetative, nuts, transitions to stone fruits in particular apricots, boiled peanuts, vanilla, doesn't seem to be able to hold onto a specific set of aromas. Pretty intense overall.

Palate: dry, initial palate is oily, syrup, but perhaps coming in hot and slightly sour, but surprisingly makes way for a mid palate of sweet candy, dried peaches and dried apricots, white sugar, very Irish whiskey-ish, subsequent sips seem to do a back and forth with varying levels of stone fruit intensity, back palate has a sweet dried stone fruit set. Hmm, like a hot Irish whiskey but better body.

Finish: short to medium, apricot slices, syrup.

Wow, this is an interesting one. The nose was initially quite vegetative, but then the body was all stone fruits. It's very unstable but extremely flavorful. Ranged from stone fruits to grass to vanilla to peanuts. A Joker of a dram... and I don't really know why I have that in my tasting notes. Talked to other bartenders and they also said this was an awesome bottle. I might be conservative here, this is excellent!


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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