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Omar Bourbon Cask 3 Years Old


Omar bourbon cask 3 years from the Nantou distillery of the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL). TTL was a state-owned manufacturer and distributor of alcohol that was privatized in 2002, but started single malt production in 2008. Supposedly the non-peated malted barley is imported from Scotland. According to web sources, the name Omar is from the Gaelic word for "amber", describing the color of the juice.
Nose: wood, spice.
Palate: wood, spice, moderate heat.
Finish: short, spice, burnt tires.
Not as good as what people say, pretty boring and a little sharp on the tongue. I didn't smell, taste, or feel any fruity or dried orange peel elements that most reviewers say. I hate dried orange peels so I'd think I'd taste it even in the slightest. Kavalan is still king in Taiwan; the Jon Snow, knower of nothing in the battle of the bastards; Michael Jordon on Bryon Russel; Yamazaki to Hakushu; Batman to Robin; Harry Potter to Ronald Ginger; Google over Yahoo; Girls Generation (소녀시대) over Psy (싸이)... Maybe I'm too used to the smokey malts of Islay. Had this bottle at Larriere-cour, Taipei, Taiwan.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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