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Springbank 11 Year Old, 1993-2004, Memories, High Spirits Collection Italian import, 254 bottles, 46% abv.



Part of the High Spirits' Collection and apparently matured in sherry wood. This Memories set seems to perform well. Tried this at Whiskytalk Fukuoka 2019.

Nose: major caramel, chocolate, vanilla, raisins, quite rich for a young SB.

Palate: light tomedium body, some viscosity, initial palate has a good amount of caramel and honey, mid palate develops the honey caramel quite well, light spices, honey herbal tea, back palate showcases the lotus leaves more than the mid, which goes up to the mid palate.

Finish: short, caramel, honey, a sweetened herbal lotus leaf flavor... leaves I usually sense from Campbeltown.

This was quite nice, good sweet caramel, but also that herbal lotus leaf flavor, which isn't out of control. Quite enjoyable.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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