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Springbank 32 Year Old, 1967-1999, Cadenhead's Chairmans Stock, Sherrywood, 228 bottles, 44.6% abv.



Had the drops at Whiskytalk Fukuoka 2019.

Nose: light sherry, light fruits, nothing out of line.

Palate: medium body, initial palate is cool, fruit juice, mid palate has more fruit juice, light sherry juice, seems to be some wood and vines in the back somewhere, back palate has a sort of vinegar, light fruit smoke. A general demonstration in a subset of red fruits.

Finish: short, mostly light red fruits.

A good "sherried" malt, quite well formulated, nothing overwhelming, but also nothing seems to stand out. Not as sherried as Glenfarcli, Aberlouri, or Macs, but not the fruit of old Riachs. Even so, the flavors are clear and revolve around the red fruit area.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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