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Stagg Jr., 2016 release, 66.25% abv.


Stagg Jr., 2016 release, 66.25% abv.

Stagg Jr. is exactly as its name implies, that it is a younger version of the infamous George T. Stagg bourbon that is released once per year as part of the Buffalo Trace Antqiue Collection. Whereas George T. Stagg is generally made from 15-17 year old barrels, Junior is typically made using a combination of 8-9 year old new charred American oak barrels with Buffalo Trace mashbill #1, which has a rye content of less than 10%. Even though Stagg Jr. is released in small batches multiple times a year, getting one is becoming harder and harder.

Nose: between honey and rock candy, old ginseng.
Palate: like a moderately sweet oak, prunes.  After a few sips, easy on the tongue, but that abv is basically killing everything.
Finish: very short and then abv takes over, light honey.
Dry glass: honey absorbed onto wood.

At a whopping 66.25% abv, its hard to feel anything else. Senses are temporary as the alcohol takes over quite quickly. Just some honey with alcohol and noticeably balanced out. I'm guessing whoever tastes a variety or diversity of stuff other than honey and prunes is making it up. Too strong. Keyboard parrots. Even so, I'd love to come back to Junior when I've had more experience under my belt.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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