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Undisclosed (Glenmorangie), 13 Years Old, Sherry Cask bottled for Bar Tarlogie Sona 7th Anniversary



This is an undisclosed malt whisky understood to be a Glenmorangie (possibly teaspooned). It was aged for 13 years in a single sherry cask and bottled at 51.8% ABV to mark the 7th anniversary of Bar Tarlogie Sona in Osaka. I tried this at a local bar in Singapore. Glenmorangie malt presented like this is almost impossible to find.

Nose: Pure malt bomb, honeycomb, water and time yield dried apricots, blackcurrant cordial, pomegranate, toffee, slight tobacco but also cardboard/copy paper ethanol notes.

Palate: Medium weight, slightly hot, persimmon, prickly pear, carrot cake, pumpkin mash, malt syrup.

Finish: Dried apricots again, white pepper, then long lingering chewy malt and pomegranate.

Conclusion: Perhaps a bit too syrup and malt forward at least initially, but some complex flavours emerge after a lot of air and a drop of water. Alcohol integration could be better. Not terrible but heat and sharpness is there even with water. Apricot is really the flavour that ties it all together, but could stand to be stronger. The rest of it is softer milder tropical fruits, as well as a distinctive sweet vegetal earthiness. The last time I had pumpkin notes was in an IB Dalmore that was mediocre, but this is a lot better. The sherrying is light; I suspect it might be amontillado, not oloroso or PX.

Score: 84