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Weller Bourbon Full Proof, 57% ABV


All aboard the hype train. My first and, for now, only pour of Weller Full Proof.

Nose: Light and incredibly bright for 114 proof — I didn’t detect nearly any ethanol heat. The nose is near-floral in a way that reminds me of an up-gunned version of the classic OG Buffalo Trace nose — flowers, spring rain, and sugar cookies. Not at all what I was expecting out of the elder statesmen of the non-BTAC Weller lineup, but also very pleasing.

Palate: Tell John Mellencamp’s lawyers to get on the plagiarism suit, because this is a total 🍒 💣 — just a tidal wave of red cherry that is eventually joined by strong reinforcements of caramel and graham cracker, ultimately leading the drinker to experience the life of a cherry from fruit to cobbler. That’s honestly the best way I can describe it: it starts cherry and ends cherry cobbler. The classic wheater notes of grass and straight brown sugar take a back seat to the picnic-inspired notes, which is 100% fine by me. I’ve heard Weller Full Proof carries a stronger stonefruit flavor than its lower proof siblings, it I never imagined it at this strength.

Finish: Long, but I have to disclose here — it disappointed me a little. The cherry cobbler notes pick up a little oak and spice for an extremely pleasing conclusion, but compared head-to-head with the Wagnerian opera finish that Stagg Jr brings, the Weller Full Proof is plainly outclassed. It’s still a fantastic finish, but I likely did it a disservice by going right to Stagg Jr after I had this.

Summary: I have a Pavlovian skepticism of whiskey hype trains, but consider me impressed. I’ve never been graced with a pour of WLW, but of the non-BTAC Wellers, this one clearly is king. If like me you fall on the A107 > 12 Year side of the argument, you’ll love Full Proof — it drinks like a higher octane A107 from start to finish. It’s every bit a peer of my beloved Larceny BP, which is about as high of praise as I can give a wheated bourbon. 


Image courtesy of Jon who also writes on Low Class & High Proof.


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