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Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel, 2011 Bottling


Yamazaki bourbon barrel. 2011 or 2009 bottling, forgot to ask and I can't tell from my pics. Part of Yamazaki's Cask Collection series with a bottle count of about 3,000. Matured in first fill bourbon barrels, which is just casks made in America from American white oak from what I understand. Will this be a bourbon bomb then?
Nose: wood, sourness, light vanilla.
Palate: strong wood, sour notes, vanilla comes later, sharp throughout.
Finish: wood and spice coats the tongue, smooth.
Sharp wood flavors throughout with a strong spice coat at the end. Not the most enjoyable, but the "sharpness" (intense pulse of flavor, in this case oak and spice) is interesting. Reminds me of an improperly matured scotch. Had this bottle at Larriere-cour, Taipei, Taiwan on July 29, 2017... yeah I'm still trying to catch up on old posts.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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