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Yamazaki Mizunara, b.2010, 48% abv.



Bartender says it's malts aged 15 to 25 years old with an average of 19 years.

Nose: like a sweet coconut and pineapple mix, smells like an immature grain whisky, a nice dinner, sour pickled plums and prunes, smashed raisins with that picante spice sprinkled over it like a funeral rite, what a nose, reminds me of a lesser Suntory Wakyo though.

Palate: medium to full bodied, initial palate is like a perfumic syrup, iron, and sterile equipment at the hospital (antiseptic?), mid palate is a little dry, syrup, caramel, vanilla, flavored paper, gets thicker with time, crushed hazelnuts, back palate reveals some cooked vegetables, more sugar and honey, light burnt food residue. Interestingly, when I inhale with juice in my mouth, I get some light smoke.

Finish: medium on light coconuts, raisins, long on a light cherry cough syrup.

This is quite an amazing pour and I suppose indicative of the Mizunara influence. Really flavorful and better than the sherry series imho. I guess the closest, relatable flavor set on the main body would be coconut crackers or coconut "eggrolls" that they sell in Chinese supermarkets or snack shops... I guess not too unfamiliar if you grew up Asian/Chinese. However, the tasting is much more complex than that. Gonna be conservative on this one.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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