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Belching Beaver Brewery Peanut Butter Milk Stout - 5.3% 30 IBU



Belching Beaver Brewery
Peanut Butter Milk Stout - 5.3% 30 IBU
제가 이걸 봤을 때 저는 신세계 고속버스터미널에 있었어요. 저는 보통 스타트를 좋아하지 않지만 땅콩 버터를 좋아해요. 그리고 저는 리스의 피넛 버터 컵을 너무 좋아해서 한번 먹어보고 싶었어요. 맥주 향기를 맡았을 때 어렸을 때 이 사탕을 먹었던 기억이 났어요. 크림초콜릿과 땅콩버터가 맛있어요. 커피 맛이 아주 순했어요. 바닐라 아이스크림 한 스쿱을 넣었더니 더 크림같아졌어요. 땅콩버터를 좋아하신다면 이걸 드셔보셔야 합니다.
향미: 부드러운, 크림같은, 짙은, 초콜릿, 땅콩버터, 달콤한, 우유, 그리고 조금 볶은.
I was at Shinsegae at Express Bus Terminal browsing some beers when I noticed this. Normally I’m not one for stouts, but I love peanut butter and the description mentioned Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. So I had to give this a try. The aroma alone caused my mind to wander back to carefree days of punching holes in those delicious treats and savoring the chocolatey peanut butter goodness. The coffee flavor was so mild that I barely noticed and was able to enjoy it. The description also said to enjoy it with some vanilla ice cream so that’s exactly what I did. A couple small scoops added directly to the beer gave it a delicious creamy feel. I know not everyone likes peanut butter, but this is definitely a beer to try if you do.
Taste: Smooth, creamy, dark, chocolate, peanut butter, sweet, milk, and roasty.



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