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88 Bamboo Korea (88 대나무)

Devils Blood, 6% Red Ale, Platinum Craft Beer



Devils Blood - 6%
Red Ale from @platinumcraftbeer
Found @CU_official
편의점 맥주가 너무 많으니, 괜찮은 때 강조를 해야겠네요. 이 맥주는 아포스트로피가 없는데도 불구하고 좋은 의미로 놀라웠어요. 그리고 네, 더 좋은 조명에서는 빨간색을 볼 수 있어요. 시원한 날씨와 맛이 잘 어울릴 것 같아요.
노트: 맥아, 카라멜, 그리고 빵 맛.
With the deluge of convenience store beers, I have to highlight one when it’s decent. This one, despite the lack of an apostrophe was surprising in a good way. And yes you could see the red color in better lighting. I find the flavors will pair well with the cooling weather.
Notes: malty, caramel, and bready.



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