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Cocktail in Movies

Bloody Mary from Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)

Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)
Bloody Mary
- Celery salt
- 1 lemon wedge
- 1 lime wedge
- 2 oz vodka
- 4 oz tomato juice
- 2 tsp prepared horseradish
- 2 dashes Tabasco sauce
- 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
- 1 pinch ground black pepper
- 1 pinch smoked paprika
- Garnish: parsley sprig
- Garnish: green olives
- Garnish: lime wedge
- Garnish: celery stalk
1. Pour some celery salt onto a small plate.
2. Rub the juicy side of the lemon or lime wedge along the lip of a pint glass.
3. Roll the outer edge of the glass in celery salt until fully coated, then fill the glass with ice and set aside.
4. Squeeze the lemon and lime wedges into a shaker and drop them in.
5. Add the vodka, tomato juice, horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire, black pepper, paprika, plus a pinch of celery salt along with ice and shake gently.
6. Strain into the prepared glass.
7. Garnish with parsley sprig, 2 speared green olives, a lime wedge and a celery stalk (optional).   

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