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Tepache and Mezcal


2 oz Del Maguey Mezcal

.5 oz lime⁣

2 dash homemade Rosemary tincture⁣

4oz  homemade Rosemary tepache⁣

Absinthe mist⁣

build in a Collins glass.  garnish with star anise or a sprig of rosemary. ⁣

Apparently it's international mezcal day. Idk who decides that but whatever.

Lucky for me I have a bottle of Mezcal I've been working my way through.
Nothing too crazy about this, but it's a nice departure from the usual spirit and soda/tonic tall drinks. ⁣

I really love tepache. The sweet and sour pineapple goes great with a smokey mezcal. It's such a quick and easy ferment and really awesome for cocktails. In this batch I tossed a few sprigs of rosemary into one of the jars to ferment with the pineapple. The rosemary flavor was strong but not overwhelming and it made this ferment super active. I had to spend about 20 minutes slowly venting built up pressure before I could open the bottle.⁣

The absinthe mist and star anise are a nice match for the rosemary as well and bring it all together.

One thing I've been considering recently is how to be more environmentally friendly with my bartending. Tepache is a great ingredient in this regard because it's made from the scraps of pineapple you would normally throw away. Similarly, the rosemary tincture I made allows me to extend the life of rosemary far beyond fresh rosemary or a syrup. I think the next step on my journey towards sustainable bartending is to involve more homemade cordials, liqueurs, and oleo saccrums. And of course, no plastic straws.


Image and recipe courtesy of @thenickromancer.



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