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26th Anniversary Imperial IPA by Stone Brewing at Yeast Side

26th Anniversary Imperial IPA | Triple dry hopped imperial IPA 9.7% ABV 80 IBUs
Stone Brewing CA 🇺🇸
Ordered at Yeast Side 🇸🇬

Tl;dr All about those Centennial hops.

We’re fortunate in +65; there’ve been quite a number of kegs of Stone’s latest Anniversary IPA going out to various craft beer establishments for more to enjoy, based on my Untappd venue notifications. I’m old enough in the hoppy — I mean hobby — to remember when they came only in bombers and in limited quantity. The scarcity made each year’s release extra exciting (and expensive). It’s a good reminder to appreciate the good work of @beerstylesg in securing this much stock of both keg and cans, and that the expansion (and buyout) of a revered craft brewery has its advantages too.

The beer itself: it’s a hoppy one. I mean, all of Stone’s beers are hoppy, but this is hoppy in an old-school, not-trendy way. Centennial hops all up in your face in a way that far surpasses Founders Centennial IPA. It’s malty, but not in the cloyingly sweet manner of the TIPAs that have been contributing to my hangovers of late. To my palate it’s better than any of Stone’s dalliances with contemporary hops.

It’s a beer that having had on draft I am determined to try from the can next.

Oh and it’s great with pizza — specifically Yeast Side’s sourdough pizzas in this case!



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