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Anderson Valley Cherry Gose


ABV: 4.2%
VOL: 355ml
STYLE: Gose with Montmorency Sour Cherries

Kicking off the long weekend on this scorching Saturday afternoon.

Faint red hue. Sugary and yeasty smell, like a sticky bun. Fine and persistent bubbles, and strongly fizzy texture. Potent sour berry taste, with nothing to definitively suggest cherry. Nicely salted to shift the balance away from the sourness. Minimal sweetness and malty flavour. In all, a refreshingly tart thirst-quencher, although I don't love having to rinse the acidity out of my teeth


Shifty McShifterson (Find his other posts here)

For reference before my descent into inebriety each night 🇸🇬

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