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Bodriggy, Dayspring Hazy IPA


ORIGIN: Australia
ABV: 6.7%
VOL: 355ml

Happy Saturday evening friends, it has been a while. My first time tasting Bodriggy, and what an excellent introduction. Murky dark orange colour, curiously white large foamy head. Sweet fruity aroma with a light hoppy tint. Bright flavours of mango, peach and passionfruit. Towards the end of the glass, a hint of lactic creaminess. The unusual Cashmere and Azacca hops are mild and the finish fades away rapidly.

In all, a very approachable IPA. Plenty of clear tropical flavours to pick out, and with just enough dankness to tempt you down the IPA rabbit-hole.


Shifty McShifterson (Find his other posts here)

For reference before my descent into inebriety each night 🇸🇬

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