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Dainton Beer Overdrive WC IPA x Muse - The Resistance


The Resistance is the fifth studio album by UK rock band MUSE.
We could write a post just on the music genres covered such as;
Art rock, progressive rock, symphonic rock, alternative rock even space rock!

The Resistance received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its concept, instrumentation, influences and Bellamy's vocals. The album was compared favourably to the works of Radiohead and Queen. The album reached number one in 19 countries. The record earned the band a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2011.
The fighterjet sound at the end of United states of Eurasia is just breathtaking when heard out loud. Gives a bit of an experimental Floyd feel. There's a lot of sound to take in, even though it's only three blokes on stage, one to add to the vinyl record collection! Get ready for an outerworldly experience 👽🧞🪐

Time for a can to wash the album down with, what better than Overdrive by Dainton Brewery. We had the pleasure of visiting Dainton on Saturday and observing the master brewer at work. It's quite an incredible process that goes into these cans and it's perfected much like artwork.
The West Coast IPA named Overdrive is coated in familiarity actually, with the tin one part Tron, one part Drive and another Back To The Future.

For lovers of West Coasts of old, you too can be transported in time, for Overdrive is very much about two things: pine and bitterness. Pouring orange, it’s resinous, piney and has a slightly oily orange character, plus a slightly chewy malt profile and a brash and grippy bitterness. Taken together, this is an IPA that'll help launch your palate into overdrive.. bup bup bup bup der der deerr Overdrive.

Muse – The Resistance
• Highlight : Undisclosed Desires
• Gem : Guiding Light
• Beer : @dainton.beer Overdrive WC IPA
Overdrive song reference by DJ Scot Project.


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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