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Dangerous Ales Millions Of Peaches Sour Ale x Presidents of the United States America - Peaches


Editor Note: There is an Easter Egg.DM if you find it.

The next pick is the pop punk piece of fun, the self titled debut from the Presidents of the United States, and a tasty little sour we found thanks to friend of the page @just_a_girl_and_her_beers.
The album is well loved and praised for being humorous, self deprecating catchy and a departure from the grunge sound that was so popular at the time. “Peaches”, which is a song about a girl Chris Ballew had a crush on. The lyrics for "Peaches" were written about a crush Ballew used to have on a girl. According to Ballew, she had a peach tree in the front of her yard, and when he finally summoned the courage to go talk to her, he stood under the tree and smashed peaches in his fist until he decided not to talk to her.
“Lump” is the favourite song of the band and the lyrics came about from a dream that Ballew had while fighting pneumonia. The antibiotics he was taking caused an allergic reaction that produced several consecutive nights of wild and crazy dreams. Our memories of this album back in the day was that it was weird album that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but at the same time was a little piece of musical fun.
Now the beer is something that makes a lot of sense, is a little piece of brewed fun and isn’t weird at all. Dangerous Ales, calling the Milton Hotel on the New South Wales South Coast Home have come up with a perfect with a not so little, but very tasty Sour. Weighing in at 6% ABV; this brew is a sweet, peachy tart sour with all the good things that a tasty sour needs.
Album: Presidents of the United States
Highlight: Peaches
Gem: Naked and Famous
Beer Pairing: Dangerous Ales Millions Of Peaches Sour Ale


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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