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De Molen Mooi & Meedogenloos (Bourbon Barrel Aged) | Brouwerij De Molen



De Molen Mooi & Meedogenloos (Bourbon Barrel Aged)

Dark fruits (prunes), bourbon, cognac, burnt wood scent, charred malt

Sweet with mid-bitter finish, dark fruits (prunes), bourbon, cognac


Stumbled upon this gem at Hair Of The Dog & immediately I knew I have to get it - quite pricey tho for this gem, 620baht (RM80) if i rmb correctly. But what the heck!

Bottled at 15/9/16, this gem is roughly about 2.5yo. The flavor is just amazing, it's seriously damn bloody good!

The label describes this as an imperial stout-ish beer. Indeed it is, very bold notes of bourbon, cognac with hints of dark fruits (prunes), burnt wood scent, charred malts. Funny thing is, the scent is kinda similar notes similar to a japanese miso soy sauce tho LOL.

However, it's thick, rich, full bodies, quite sweet tho but the mid-bitter after taste does linger around the palate for a while - kinda overwhelms the bitter after taste.

I seriously wanted to bring this gem home & enjoy with a proper beer glass. What a waste!


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