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Deeds Brewing Thought Pattern IPA x HIM - Wicked Game


What do you get when you cross Bam Margera, Love, Metal, Cigarettes and Scandinavia? HIM of course!

First discovered on the soundtrack of the intentionally C Grade movie 'Haggard' made by the Jackass boys, I was captured by their sound. My sister lent me a copy of 1999 Razorblade romance CD and I was hooked. It would appear that Valo (lead singer) is about to sink his teeth into your neck but after listening to this record he only ever messes with your heart. A unique genre has been created with poppy/boy band emotional lyrics and transformed with rock metal to refine a new genre labelled Love Metal. HIM seem to have a wide reach of fans as I asked my dad how he was enjoying HIMs music and his response was "If I were 20 years younger, I'd quit my job and become their groupie." There really is something for everyone on here, with some of their biggest sounds to date like heartache every moment, right here in my arms and pretending. There's also two outrageously good covers of Neil Diamond's Solitary Man and Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. In my view better than the original. This album is loaded with heavy guitars, loud drums, earth shattering bass lines and lyrics that will make you think for days..

Speaking of thoughts, look what we found new on the market! No, it's not a bottle of O- True Blood, it's;
Deeds Brewing Thought Pattern IPA
From the first to the last second of your waking day, thousands and thousands of thoughts form, then fade away. The pattern of thought we allow to guide us on a daily basis, is built upon habitual behaviour created through our need for stasis. And structure and repetition. Though comforting, we need from time to time to step outside ourselves. Take the path less taken. Choose a new turn off the same old road. This is an IPA with the dank bitterness of a west coast built on the back of a richer malt bill. Crack a can, take a drink, and see if, for a second, the experience can keep your Thought Pattern still.

Album @him_band_forever and love said no.
Highlight - Pretending
Gem - Wicked Game
Beer Pairing - @deedsbrewing Thought Pattern IPA


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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