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Deschutes Obsidian Stout



Deschutes Obsidian Stout

Black coffee, roasted malts, dark molasses, dark chocolate

Faint sweetness with strong bitter finish, black coffee, roasted / charred malts, 70% dark chocolate

Am always a big fan of Deschutes, plus it's a stout! How can I say no? Besides, you rarely get to see other range by Deschutes in KL tho.

Pick up notes of black coffee, roasted malts, dark molasses & dark chocolate. Mouthfeel was decent (richness & creamy) - slight similar to what you'd get from a Guinness draught. Flavor profiles are more on the bitter side - black coffee, 70% dark chocolate, roasted/charred malts & with faint hints of sweetness.

How I wish I can bring this fela home & enjoy it on some of my newly bought beer glasses from Japan but sometimes shit happens. Oh well.


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