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Dreamy Berries Lager, Sunbird Brewing



Dreamy Berries Lager

Yet another pretty label from Sunbird which was brewed for Lunar New Year.

Poured with a straw body, this German style Helles base was brewed with Acai Berries.


Smells of berries and reminds me of ribena. It was low moderate carbonated, tasted light and with a slight tartness together with a sweet aftertaste. It's malt balanced hence there's very little bitterness throughout the taste profile.

At higher temperatures, the tartness and berries aroma becomes more intense but not too overwhelming hence making it enjoyable from start to finish especially for those who are waiting to wait. 😁

Country: 🇸🇬
Style: German Helles
Abv: 6%
Brewery: @sunbirdbrewing


Image and review courtesy of Kokuleng.


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