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Kagua Blanc White Ale, Far Yeast Brewing Company



Kagua Blanc

Citrusy (Yuzu), Fruity, Floral

Sweet, citrusy (Yuzu), fruity, floral, slight dry, light bitterness


If you were to ask me to choose between Kagua Rogue vs Kagua Blanc, Kagua Rogue would definitely be my 1st choice. Now I'm not saying Kagua Blanc is bad or undrinkable, it's just that it isn't as flavorsome as Kagua Rogue. Both are Belgium-style ale, both have yuzu in it, 1 is kinda bolder, richer, the other is milder, sweeter more towards the citrusy, floral note.

Kagua Blanc is definitely a decent ale, it's more towards on the softer side - sweet, citrusy (yuzu dominant), fruity, floral with very light bitterness & it's slightly on the dry side. But all-in-all this is more kinda like a refreshing beer to drink during a long tiring day or during a hot summer day!


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