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Kaiju Beer Main Squeeze Passion Guava Session Fruit Beer x Red Hot Chilli Peppers - The Power of Equality


Walking you through a few live experiences for the rest of the week.

RHCP has to be in my Top 5 bands live. Just incredible energy! I saw them at the Sidney Myer music bowl in Melbourne 2007 and they ripped the roof off.. (there wasn't one) Just sensational to watch them jump around, all perfected their instruments and tight as a band that can jam on stage like they were in a garage at home. Watch live at slane castle to see their magik.

Tell us about your RHCP experience in the comments?

Main Squeeze Passion Guava Session
KAIJU! Fruit Beer

A session ale, passion fruit and a guava walk into a bar, which is strange, because none of them have legs.
This is one of the greatest fruit beers you will ever try and it's even better when the sun's pokes it's head out for a bit.

Highlight: Around The World
Gem: The Power of Equality
Beer: Main Squeeze Passion Guava Session Fruit Beer by @kaijubeer


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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