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Modus Operandi Former Tenant Red IPA x Rise Against Appeal To Reason - Saviour

It's time to Rise Against!

What are we rising against? Well, everything.
This is due to the majority of the album's lyrics discuss political issues in the United States and known as the response to the oppressive vacuousness of the Bush years. In regards to specific tracks on the album, Rise Against rages against the moral decay rotting the core of the U.S. on the opening 'Collapse (Post-Amerika),' just as they strike out against the slow dumbing down of America on 'Re-Education (Through Labor)'". In addition to political topics, more personal issues constitute a large portion of the lyrical content. "Savior" is about forgiveness and broken relationships, while "The Dirt Whispered" is about the need to sacrifice for what a person loves. Bassist Joe Principe said, "The political side of this band is just that, it's a side. There are political lyrics, there are social awareness and there are lyrics about the environment. I think if people take the time to read the lyrics, they'll know we're not strictly force feeding you our politics. And for that my friends, that's why we blast this album at full volume!
Rise against your boss!
Rise against your neighbour!
Rise against the parking inspector!

For such a loud and self empowering record we thought we would pair it with the delightful Modus Operandi Former Tenant Red IPA 7.8%
Champion Australian Craft Beer in 2014, this beer is bursting with aromas of Passionfruit and Mango due to a heavy hand on the Mosaic and Galaxy dry hops, this Ruby Red IPA has a complex blend of citrusy hops and savory caramel malt flavor followed by a slightly sweet finish.
Ironically, if you blast Rise Against loud enough in sure time you too will become a former tenant. Enjoy! 😜🤟

Album Rise Against Appeal To Reason
Highlight Track: Saviour
Gem: Hero Of War
Beer: Modus Operandi
Former Tenant Red IPA

Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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