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Moon Dog Brewing Jimmy & Lawson’s Double Dry Hopped NEIPA x Oasis What’s the Story Morning Glory?



For our next pick, we went for a live search for the perfect beer, and oh boy did we find it in the one of the best beer halls in Melbourne, the amazing @moondogworld.
The next album pick is the @oasis Album What’s the Story Morning Glory?, whose universally popular track "Wonderwall" was the most popular song of 1995 as voted by the listeners of @triple_j

This is an album we’ve played many times over; and has aged very well with time. Despite the well known friction between the Gallagher brothers; the recording sessions as reflected on as “The sessions were the best, easiest, least fraught, most happily creative time I've ever had in a recording studio”. It’s still hard to believe that this masterpiece was recorded in 12 days, and half the songs weren’t written when the band arrived at the studio.

This album had many more layers than their previous release “Definitely Maybe” with emphasis on huge choruses, string arrangements and varied instrumentation. The album initially received lukewarm reviews from the critics, but those opinions were reversed over the years and is now considered amongst the greatest rock albums of all time.

The album launched the band worldwide; where it topped the charts in 12 countries, including Australia, France, Germany and Spain was a top #5 album in another 8 countries. Worldwide, the album has sold over 22 million copies. Wonderwall has been played on @spotify over 1 billion times and remains once of the best tracks from the Brit Pop era.

Now for the beer, @moondogworld have delivered an amazing venue and the perfect beer. It is the Jimmy & Lawson’s Double Dry Hopped NEIPA. This is juicy, fruity and smooth little number and goes down really well. It could be our favourite @moondogbrewing brew yet. It’s packed with Vic Secret, Galaxy and Topaz hops and they make a great combination

Album - @oasis – What’s the Story Morning Glory?
Standout Track - Champagne Supernova
Hidden Gem – Cast No Shadow
Beer Pairing - @moondogbrewing Jimmy & Lawson’s Double Dry Hopped NEIPA


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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