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Niang Brewery Jungle Bill West Coast Session IPA


What are we having tonight? Some of Singapore's Niang Brewery's tap-only Jungle Bill West Coast Session IPA!

Niang Brewery is a cuckoo brewer from Singapore, always with very lovely visually vibrant and aesthetically rich labels, and in particular they're known for focusing alittle bit more on the food pairing aspect. Something else I particularly enjoy about their beers is that each one almost has a back story or some sort of inspiration to it, which you pick up on from the names they're bequeathed - and somehow it's always a cute little delight because they're always so on theme of either something locally nostalgic or a snippet of the zeitgeist.

In any case today I knew I couldn't miss out on the new Jungle Bill, not only because I've actually found Niang Brewery to have a solid track record in my books (except their Saison, but only because I don't like Saison), but also because it features my favourite bird - the Hornbill!


The phoenix of Southeast Asia! (Image Source: eBird)


The Hornbill (often mistaken for a Toucan), is not only a rainforest native that can be found in jungles from Singapore to Indonesia, but is such a visually stunning bird - with a bewildering casque (that extra horn on its beak and head) that's designed to either amplify its calls or to butt heads or crack trees and fruits; this is at least one key difference between a Hornbill and a Toucan.

I love how a country like Singapore can be home to such an extraordinarily cool creature - in my humble opinion the phoenix of Southeast Asia.

Now, back to the beer, this is what Niang Brewery says about it,

"In case if you have not noticed, we have encountered more sightings of native hornbills during our hikes and picnics in many parts of Singapore...except in the West! It's no bird talk hor!

As an open invitation to these hornbills to visit the West, we brewed this easy drinking West Coast Session IPA, just so that we can sight them without getting tipsy! Expect a refreshing & tropical mouthfeel with a dry, crisp bitterness, filled with resin, grapefruit & pine."


Is it some sort of requirement for taphouse staff to have had experience in filling an art gallery with their work or something? How do they always draw such cool displays??


Their recommendation is for this to be paired with Western Food, Nasi Lemak, Lor Mee or Coconut Min Jiang Kueh.

Tonight I'm pairing this with a long work day and the need for something to end the day of nicely.

So let's go! 

Niang Brewery Jungle Bill West Coast Session IPA - Review


Tasting Notes

Color: Gold

Aroma: Bright honey, estery sweet notes of apricots, mangoes, peaches, with a very gentle hoppy grassy green vegetal scent.

Taste: Really smooth - starts off still sweet with honey, then a light bright fruitiness of mangoes and peaches, before turning towards a more hoppy, green grassiness.

Finish: More hoppy bitterness here, but still quite friendly and gentle. Fades into bitterness and a light drying quality. It has a grassy, vegetal aftertaste.


My Thoughts

I really have yet to be disappointed by Niang Brewery - they’re always popping out really fresh, bright, juicy, fruity expressions that are always very cohesive, well-balanced and friendly. 

It’s always that vibrancy of the flavours they give that makes them stand out for me - this one’s no different.

The vibrant fruitiness on the aromas and taste is such a delight, it also has a shimmery quality to its taste, with a good medium bodied, malty texture. 

And while it’s technically a West Coast IPA, it wasn’t all that bitter - I’m not a fan of bitter beers - so it was nice that this was still very friendly and alittle too easy to go through several pints.

If you're in Singapore, you can find this on tap at Almost Famous but be quick, might be out soon!