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Prancing Pony Brewery Freak Show Experimental IPA x Silverchair - Nobody Came


1997, What a time to be alive and into the live music scene!

With musical influences like
Nirvana, to Pearl Jam, to Soundgarden, to Alice In Chains, as well as Black Sabbath, how can they go wrong?

There's nothing quite like the feel of a borrowed CD, and I borrowed this album more than any other from my neighbours. Yes I could have just bought it but I enjoyed having the sound of stolen tunes going through my speakers, who can relate?
As far as supporting Australian music, as soon as I could afford to start buying CDs I would buy Aussie and Download international. What? No judgement. There's some good radio hits on here but I really enjoy some of the rough around the edges tracks like, Slave, learn to hate and roses. I think I can play learn to hate on guitar? I Just enjoy their care free attitude and aggression. When the music is about expression and art rather than radio hits and awards, that's where the beauty is. So as far as the Aussie Nirvana goes, they're alright mate!

Freak show, The Beer. By Prancing Pony. Experimental IPA.
A spicy, 20 megaton banana bomb, oozing of strong aromas of all sorts, like nannas entire spice cabinet contents fallen into a barrel of hot Rum Pot. MMM freaky.

Album - @silverchair.official Freak Show
Highlight - No Association
Gem - Nobody Came
Beer Pairing - Freak show @prancingponybrewery Experimental IPA.


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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