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Púca Dry Hopped Lemon Sour, The White Hag


Púca Dry Hopped Lemon Sour by The White Hag .

Had this pink beauty after few weeks drinking mysterious home-brewed alcohol, oh my, I miss sour beer! Don't get me wrong, those home-brewed alcohol was nice and I loved the idea that I could just walk to the kitchen and open the tap - unlimited free drinks (well, it's not unlimited after all).

Lemon and ginger can't go wrong. Hibiscus, elderberries, and strawberries add the sweetness to the beer and balance the tart from lemon, raspberries and rosehips. Loads of good stuff here, felt healthier after 2 cans of it 😎🍻.



Contribution courtesy of @londonhangover!


Esther Chen


❤️Love drinking, eating and cats.
🍻Drink sour in the summer 🌞, dark beer in the winter 🌨

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