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Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose, Lion Brewery x Sunbird Brewing



Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose

Gose is another beer style that I'm slowly trying to appreciate. There's really mixed reviews on this style. Some say that brewers are running out of ideas and revive this German beer style just to add to the repertoire of beers to offer while some feel that the salt helps to enhance the taste of beer. Which side are you on?

This poured with a nice golden body. Chrysanthemum aroma is rather light on the nose, the kumquat flavours were a tad too dominating for me (I'm not a fan of extreme tartness so this might be arguably one-sided). Ingredients list on the can didn't state kumquat though, so I wondered where this sourness came from. Saltiness was not distinct so I would imagine that it has blended well as a taste enhancer.


Carbonation felt low moderate and in my opinion we could add abit more of the chrysanthemum as the floral sweetness was a rather subtle aftertaste and barely there. In the other hand, I could imagine too much of the snow daisies could result in a rather astringent taste.

This beer is definitely full of tartness and sour fanatics would sure like this as an after meal dessert.

Country: 🇸🇬
Style: Gose
Abv: 4.5%
Brewery: @lionbreweryco x @sunbirdbrewing


Image and review courtesy of Kokuleng.


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