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Stone 21st Anniversary 'Hail To The Hop Thief' Double IPA



Stone 21st Anniversary "Hail To The Hop Thief"

Sweet caramel malt, floral hoppy, slight citrusy (grapefruit), earthy

Sweet, caramel malt, hoppy, earthy, strong bitter finish


Got this as a present by my wife at 2017. Don't have the reason to open it until today as today marks our 5th Anniversary.

Don't ask me if it's still drinkable or not. I would say, yes it's drinkable, and of course the taste isn't as fresh it should be but surprisingly it's good!

Sweet with every first sip & ends with a strong bitter taste while it still lingers around your palate for a while. Very dominant flavors & notes of caramel yet hoppy.


The journey of a polar bear who goes out hunting for drinks 🐻‍❄️🏹🍺🥃🍷🍸🍶🍾