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Dine Stories: Club Street Wine Room - A Elegant Homage to Homey

When you head over to Club Street, certain expectations abound. Bars and restaurants there tend toward a certain flaunting of cool, of chic, and in their barely disguised aspirations, often end up teetering into the cliche. And at which point, may well be described as “trendy”.

It was therefore unexpected to walk into Club Street Wine Room, and be pleasantly surprised.



While its interior, set up, and branding evoke the contemporary wine bars of New York, it also evoked the nonchalant ease of its Paris counterparts. Unpretentious but polished, not shouty chic. Warm wooden and leather furniture intimately arranged, airy white walls, white high beamed ceiling and a couple of statement abstract paintings.


It felt like being in the home of an adult, 30 something year old professional with simple, but notable taste.


It spoke of, and delivered, a comfortable yet elevated evening, just perfect for a Saturday dinner with girlfriends or date night.



With the food, Club Street Wine Room continued to deliver a subtle, fresh experience. Though the contemporary menu is clearly French inflected, with dishes like shallot tart tartin, scallop and prawn vol au vent, pithivier pie, mille feuille and so on, there are random quirky inclusions of pork katsu sandwich, fried chicken, welsh rarebit and claypot cauliflower.



The whole menu doesn’t quite make sense altogether but that’s what made it more interesting, and even endearing—a bit like what a fancy potluck dinner with friends might produce. 



What added to that effect, was also one of the most delightful aspects of the dining experience: the eclectic mix of tableware and presentation. Porcelain with delicate ornamentation reminiscent of English high tea sets and doilies. Chinese claypots. And those Chinese blue and white plates, the kind with the dragon in the center and blue patterned rim that your grandma most likely has too. It was low-key charming, tasteful, without the air of taking itself too seriously.



Chinese claypots. And those Chinese blue and white plates, the kind with the dragon in the center and blue patterned rim that your grandma most likely has too. 


While there were some hits (the fried chicken, pork katsu sandwich, welsh rarebit) and some mehs (the woodfired flatbread, devilled crab, claypot cauliflower) in what we tried, I’d readily return to Club Street Wine Room to try more food, and bask in its warm, elegant ambience.


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Club Street Wine Room


87 Club Street
Singapore 069455

Tuesday – Thursday: 5.00pm – 11.45pm
Friday & Saturday: 12.00pm – 11.45pm
Last orders for food at 10.00pm

Sunday: 12.00pm – 9.00pm
Last orders for food at 8.00pm

IG: @clubstreetwineroom | FB: @clubstreetwineroom

Progressive Wine . Honest Bites . Rhythm & Sound

Moving away from the traditionally formal and somewhat intimidating wine bars, Club Street Wine Room has been designed as an inviting space, beckoning imbibers and diners alike to drop in any time for a glass of wine and a delicious bite.

Club Street Wine Room breaks the norms with its dynamic directory that offers something for every palate, appealing to traditionalists, fans of natural wines and adventurous tipplers alike. The diverse repertoire invites imbibers to go on a journey of discovery, exploration and experimentation for a swirling good time.