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Bar Stories: Goodbye for now Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall

When we heard that Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall was leaving Haji Lane through a rather cryptic Facebook post, we quickly paid them a visit on its final week of operations. This was around end October 2021. As at the time of writing, they operate purely on a digital basis until they can find another physical home.


The neon signs harkens to a retro Shanghainese vibe that adds to the street's allure. (Image Source: Time Out)

Good Luck Beerhouse (which was a collective which Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall was a part of) was packed to the brim on a Tuesday evening. We did not make any reservations but managed to score a table, to our relief.

It would be the last time we could savour the juicy oily goodness of Hokkien Mee and the Har Cheong Kai Karaage (fried popcorn chicken flavoured with prawn paste) lovingly fried on-site and have it paired with other uniquely Singapore flavours.


It seemed only fitting to have the Chrysanthemum Gin and Tonic one last time. One for the road? Let's hope not.

We had the Chrysanthemum Gin and Tonic (written about previously) and the Orh-Haw - a Gin Bellini that draws upon the flavours of Haw Flakes a childhood snack, with Brass Lion Singapore Dry Gin and Prosecco. A tangy and playful cocktail and even garnished with Haw Flakes, proving that the cocktail is best experienced on-site as the bartender intends it to be.


Apparently, authorities had said that the previous concept was too “bar-like”.


With a re-branding exercise, Good Luck Beerhouse has now dropped the term “Beer House”. Apparently, authorities had said that the previous concept was too “bar-like”. We suppose this means that alcohol cannot be the main attraction as they are perhaps licensed for use as a restaurant. Instead, alcohol has to be ancillary to the restaurant business, whereby food consumption should be the primary offering. Ah Sam Cold Drinks Stall is now a purely online business, doing delivery services for the time being, with pop-ups (as we have observed) at local dining establishments from time to time. 


The Orh-Haw - a Singaporean twist on the bellini.

Its truly a pity as Ah Sam has been incredible in showcasing our local flavours and flying our flag up high, representing Singapore in the Asia’s Best Bars list. Was Covid-19 or regulatory scrutiny the reason for the death knell of Ah Sam’s brick and mortar business? Perhaps both. May the sun rise again for Ah Sam -  We wish Ah Sam the very best!


If you wish to show them some love – you may do so here: https://www.ahsamcolddrinkstall.com/shop-cocktails


The hideaway of many a good times. It would seem almost cruel that in their time of need, a dose of their namesake is really what they need. (Image Source: Time Out)

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement/endorsement of any sort. We’re just big fans that are heartbroken at the loss of a fine institution.




Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall – Singapore


12 Haji Lane, Singapore 189205

Opened All Days of The Week, 12 PM – 10:30 PM

For orders, please call +65 6391 9942


Probably the best word to describe Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall aside from “fun” or “solid”. 

Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall specializes in Asia-inspired signature cocktails and endearing hawker style dishes. Our latest move to Haji Lane during circuit breaker saw us take on a new wall of draft cocktail taps designed to serve creations that are better as bright & bubbly expressions.

The locale also puts us in a brilliant intersection between our imaginative Asia-inspired cocktails and quality local craft beers from our buddies at Good Luck Beerhouse. 

Thoughtfully paired with our signature Local Stir Fry (or burgers, or dim sum), we are your cozy but casual space to pamper your palate on the lane.