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SIMIK DRINKS: Gibson Cocktail Bar

tldr; 50% success rate here.. this bar was a little too noisy for convos 😂 but service was really good!



- dewars white label scotch, trigona honey, mango puree, egg white
- a little bitter for me, but the honey bursts make it better
- definitely more complex than the first, and the drink is super chio!!!
- 8.5/10



mango px:
- homemade mango wine, remy martin 1738 accord royal, sugar
- you can smell the mango wine as soon as you pick it up!!
- drink is light & delicate, and good balance between the wine and brandy
- on the sweeter side! so if you’re looking to have a sugary and fun drink, this is the one!
- 8/10



the gibson:
- gin, homemade ginjo sake-vermouth, and served with a trio of condiments (seasonal pickle, picked onions, smoked quail egg)
- getting your money worth… literally drinking pure omg don’t think i can finish this on my own
- don’t rly see how the condiments go with the drink? 😂 maybe someone should explain how to have them tgt?
- smoked quail egg was DAMN NICE tho
- 6/10 for the deadliness



bunga raya:
- bombay sapphire gin, roselle, grapefruit oleo citrate, sonic
- grapefruit taste very prominent
- tbh a little underwhelming, feels like a drink i can get from non pros bartender :”)
- 6.5/10 


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